TyC Sports
2018 - Channel Branding
When refreshing a television channel, the earlier we can enter the process, the better. For the 2018 refresh of Argentina’s TyC Sports we started working with the internal design team, promos department, marketing department and digital department from the very beginning.

Together with the internal teams, we analyzed the previous branding from design, marketing, and production points of view along with the current market conditions and objectives and then created a brief incorporating the conclusions. We continued working closely with the internal teams through the rest of the process: concept, design, animation, and implementation.

In Argentina, people are passionate about sports in general and football/soccer in particular. 2018 being a World Cup year made it even more important to capture and communicate this uncontainable passion in the refreshed branding.
The passion of the commentators and fans of TyC Sports is not polite, subtle or refined. It is bold, uninhibited and crosses lines. With this as our guiding concept, we created a versatile and easily adaptable system tailor-made for TyC’s wide-ranging sports content and extremely short production times.


Client: TyC Sports 
Creative Direction: Gonzalo Gomez Berard 
Art Direction and animation: Javier Gori, Sandra Pelligro, Guido Briones,
Leandro Fernandez

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh 
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo 
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel  
Producer: Fátima Requena 
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos 
Art Director: José Cambariere 
Design: Adriana Campos 
Lead Animation: José Cambariere

Reel Editor:  Darío Becher, José Cambariere 
Music for this reel: “Gasoline” - Audioslave