2015 - FOX Sports LatAm - Program Packaging

Our good friends over at FOX Sports LatAm recently came to us with a relatively straightforward project. They asked us to create a program packaging for TOP FOX: their annual “best of countdown” of the 100 most memorable sporting moments from every sport they broadcast during the previous year.

Naturally, they needed a package with a lot of energy to match the excitement of the clips as well as something modular and easily edited to facilitate production of the program.

Our solution was to use the numbers found in every sport to create a dynamic and organic package. We created a logo, an opening sequence, 5 in and out bumpers, transitions, a graphics system to display scores and statistics, and animations for the set/studio.
Client: Fox International Channels Latin America
Creative Director: André Takeda
On Air Production Manager: Santiago Domingo
Art Director: Javier Cistari
General Producer: Juan Manuel Almasque

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Producer: Fatima Requena
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Design and Animation: Charlie Studio

Music and SFX provided by client