T-Rex Autopsy
2015 - National Geographic Channels - Program Packaging

National Geographic’s television event of 2015 was over 65 million years in the making—admittedly, however, much of that time was just spent lying around. To create T-Rex Autopsy, NatGeo went to work with a special effects company that spent over 12,000 man-hours building at 42-foot long, 7-ton model of the dinosaur that was as scientifically accurate as possible. They then unleashed a team of lucky paleontologists on the model in what was a childhood dream-come-true for each of them.
LUMBRE worked closely with the production team to make sure that all the promotion materials we created matched with the life-sized dinosaur they were secretly constructing. NatGeo sent us pictures from the T-Rex build to use in the key art and posters.
To generate social media attention in the event, National Geographic went as far as to transport the “dead” dinosaur across London on the back of a flatbed truck which must have made for an interesting rush hour.
LUMBRE was proud to be part of this earth-shaking event. We designed the logo, program packaging and key art.
If you haven’t seen the show yet, we highly recommend it.

Emanuele Madeddu - SVP Creative & Consumer Marketing NGCI
Mariano Barreiro - Branding Director Fox International Channels

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Producer: Fatima Requena
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Art Direction and design: Andy Cambiasso
Design: Andy Cambiasso, Dario Becher
3D Lead Animation: Julián Cooke
Animation: Julián Cooke, Darío Becher