2013 - Chello Multicanal - Channel Branding

Sol Musica is one of four channels LUMBRE rebranded for Spain’s Chello Multicanal. You can see our work for XTRM, Canal Cocina and Canal Decasa as well.
It is the first and only channel to specialize in Spanish music and as such needed a strong national identity that differentiates it from its competition while still remaining cosmopolitan and compatible with various musical genres. We decided that traditional animation was the right tool for this challenge.
Music channels have a unique structure so in addition to the identity package for the channel we also created packages for all their in-house programs.

Client: Chello Multicanal España

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Art Director: Javier Jauregui
Design and illustration: Federico Dams (Charlie Studio), Rodolfo Melian (Charlie Studio), Javier Jauregui, Leo Campasso, Israel Giampietro, Nacho Malter 
Animation: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melian, Leo Campasso, Israel Giampietro, Nacho Malter, Dario Becher, Javier Tedin, Matias Poggini
Music: Provided by client
Additional sound design: Emilio Haro, Pablo Paz
Music for this reel: “Y yo que se...” – Tequila!