2014 - National Geographic Channels - Channel Branding

Nat Geo People is National Geographic International Channels' new star. It offers unfiltered access to the true stories of real people from all over the world with the adventure and cultural exploration you expect from National Geographic.

For this project, LUMBRE had to flex its broadcast design studio muscles, its production muscles and its creative muscles to create and produce 8 distinct filmed idents, navigation packages for on air, the off air toolkit, 8 unique pieces of music, and an enormous amount of additional materials to be used in all the different regions that Nat Geo People will be broadcast. We were able to create a global look that can be regionalized for each audience without racking up our airline mileage.


VP Creative and Consumer Marketing NGCI: Emanuele Madeddu
VP Branding and Creative Fox International Channels: Florencia PiccoBranding 
Director Fox International Channels: Mariano Barreiro

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director: Adriana Campos
Art Direction NGP: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos
Design: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos, Javier Jauregui
Photography: Andy Cambiasso, Adriana Campos, Sergio Saleh
Animation and postproduction: Dario Becher, Andy Cambiasso

Production Company: El Zócalo
Direction: Maximiliano Ezzaoui, Natalia Bacalini
Production: Guadalupe Espinel
Cinematography and Camera: Maximiliano Ezzaoui
1st. Assistant Camera: Armando Freeze
2nd. Assistant Camera: Santiago Encina
Art Direction: Lucía SuárezCustome 
Design: Melisa Califano
Casting: Leandro Carrizo
Catering: Lucas Dotta

Music and sound design: Emilio Haro, Pablo Paz

Music for the operative pieces' reel: "Lasidan" - Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder