2008 - National Geographic Channels - Music Video

National Geographic Channels International came to us to create an Earth Day music video for Macaco’s song, “Moving.” We worked closely with their internal team to create this multidisciplinary video with stop-motion animation, cartooning, and video of the band and actors—yes, that is who you think it is.
If you aren’t familiar with Macaco’s work but this song still sounds very familiar, it could be because you have spent a substantial amount of time planning EA Sports’ FIFA ’09.
NatGeo & Fox International VP´s: Florencia Picco, Rafael Sandor 
NatGeo Branding Coordinator: Maricruz Castillo Merlo 
Creative Director and Project Manager: Sergio Saleh 
Executive Producer: Digital 1 
Head of Production: Hernán Minetti, Leo Alvarez 
Senior Producer: Pablo Encabo 
Art Director: Natalia Español
Assistant Director and editor: Juani Libonatti 
Designer: NatGeo International in-house 
Animators: Ariel Cabrera, Walter Cuzzolino