2013 - PAKA PAKA - Campaign

Paka Paka is an Argentine children’s channel dedicated to creating a space where children can learn how to participate in and contribute to their community. As part of this mission, they launched a nationwide participatory campaign called “Hacé volar tus sueños (Make your dreams fly)" for which LUMBRE was asked to develop the graphic identity. 

We designed a special audio recording booth, which will travel all over Argentina allowing children to tell the world what their dreams are. These audio recordings will then be laid over footage LUMBRE made by Paka Paka’s inhouse graphics department. 

At Paka Paka events, children will be given paper airplanes to write their dreams on which will then be hung so that they can see their dreams “fly.” 

LUMBRE created a logo, an ID and a spot that integrate these activities conceptually and visually. We also created a large amount of footage to be used with the audio recordings, which echoes and expands on the theme of “Hacé volar tus sueños (Make your dreams fly)" and ties into the logo and ID.

Obviously, encouraging kids to follow their dreams and think creatively holds aspecial place in our hearts so we were honored and excited to have theopportunity to let our dreams fly creating all the diverse elements of this campaign.

Production Manager: Cielo Salviolo, Mariana Loterszpil

Sound design: Leonardo Croatto

Production Company for the spot: El Zócalo

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director: Adriana Campos
Design: Adriana Campos, Darío Becher, Andy Cambiasso
Animation: Damián Stricker, Darío Becher
Music used for this reel: Onda Vaga - "Mambeado"