2017 - Fall Line Campaign
Grisino is one of the most popular children’s clothing stores in Argentina with stores across the country. We were more than happy to help them with the campaign for the 2017 Fall line. 

Mundo Trabalenguas means tongue twister world in Spanish. We created 3D “monsters” inspired by the new line and then shot some very talented child models so that they would appear to be interacting with the monsters. We also made a “backstage outtakes” video and a video showing the design evolution from 2D to 3D of one of the monsters just for fun.

Our designs formed the basis for the display window dressings, store decorations, print campaign, social media campaign and more. 

Client: Grisino

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh  
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo  
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel  
Art Director Lumbre: Adriana Campos  
Producer: Fátima Requena 

Print crew: 
Art Director and Design: Adriana Campos 
Character Design: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melián, Adriana Campos, Martín Mangiafave 
CG Supervisor: Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke 
3D Lead: Julián Cooke 
Modeling/Texturing: Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke
Rigging: Martín Mangiafave 
3D Character Animation: Martín Mangiafave 
Lighting: Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke 
Compositing: Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke  

Film crew: 
DoP: Fernando Blanc 
Camera: JOP Films

Sound FX: Emilio Haro, Gabriel Barredo