2009 - Channel Rebranding

FOX International Channels approached us to rebrand FOXLife, a general entertainment channel with a feminine flavor. “Although it has a feminine soul, it’s not a channel only for women.”
The new branding needed to feel like an evolution of the previous one. We retained the idea of life, its surprises, its intimacy, its diversity, and everyday objects. We added more maturity, more glamour and reduced clichés of femininity to create something stylish, relaxed, inspiring and intimate. It is a symphony of light.

We chose with the idea of a thread that connects everything as the basis of the system. The whole package is made up of more than 90 pieces: IDs, brand animations, interstitials, menus, endpages, line ups, bumpers, lower thirds, info slates, elevators, print ads, stationary, etc.
The channel currently reaches more than 38 million homes in 80 countries, including the Balkans, Bulgaria, Baltics, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea and the Latin American countries. It is also available in HD in selected markets.
NatGeo & Fox International VP´s: Florencia Picco, Rafael Sandor 
Creative Director and Project Manager: Sergio Saleh 
Art Director: Natalia Español 
NatGeo Branding Coordinator: Maricruz Castillo Merlo 
Executive Producer: Digital 1 
Head of Production: Hernán Minetti, Leo Alvarez 
Senior Producer: Pablo Encabo 
Tabletop Director: Juani Libonatti 
Designers: Letizia Lemme, Paula Vidal, Marcos Girado, Lorena Ruiz 
Animators: Claudio Neira, Tato Araoz, Damian Stricker, Ariel Cabrera, Mariano Moscuzza 
Music: Pablo Paz, Emilio Haro