FIFA World Cup South Africa
2010 - TyC Sports - Campaign

For a sports channel that focuses on football, the World Cup is obviously a big event. We worked with the in-house graphics department at TyC sports to create the promo packaging for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
We also produced a series of fillers featuring the commentators and journalists that would be travelling to cover the World Cup sharing their stories about this and previous Cups. Spoiler alert: Argentina didn’t win.

TyC Sports Credits:
Creative Directors: Martín Ferdkin, Sandra Pelligro, Diego Peralta, Darío Becher and Javier Gori
Director: Diego Peralta

Lumbre + Digital 1 Credits:
Executive Producers: Pablo Encabo, Hernán Minetti, Leo Alvarez 
Head of Production: Pablo Encabo, Hernán Minetti, Leo Alvarez
Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Director of Photography: Facundo Echeguren 
Art Director: Paula Pires