2013 - Chello Multicanal - Channel Branding

Canal Cocina is one of four channels LUMBRE rebranded for Spain’s Chello Multicanal. You can see our work for XTRM, Sol Musica and Canal Decasa as well.
Our objective was to refresh the logo and create a system that complements and adds a little spice to the endless mouthwatering images that they broadcast. We used our digital molecular gastronomy techniques to tasty effect, but some of us are still trying to work off the wait we gained from this project.

Client: Chello Multicanal España

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director: Adriana Campos
Design: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso
Animation: Dario Becher, Damian Stricker

Music: Provided by client

Music for this reel: “Mal ô Mains” - Sanseverino